About the Conference

Due to the overwhelming success of our Conference last year, Marymead CatholicCare, Perinatal Wellbeing Centre and Tresillian QEII Family Centre, will come together once again to present The First 1000 Days Conference on Monday, 13th November, 2023 at the Canberra Southern Cross Club, Woden. The theme for this year’s Conference is ‘Supporting our Diverse Communities’. 

Expert practitioners from perinatal mental health, maternity services, and child and family health will facilitate open and constructive dialogue based on evidence focussing on improving outcomes for families. The Conference is proudly supported by the ACT Government.

Who will benefit from attendance?

Those working with expectant and new parents, with a baby or young child. This includes professionals working in the following services:

  • Psychologists & Social Workers
  • Child & Family Health Nurses
  • Midwives
  • Early Intervention Teams
  • GP’s, Psychiatrists and Paediatricians
  • Antenatal Clinics

Please join us on Monday, 13th November for The First 1000 Days Conference to learn more about how as professionals, we can unite to understand, support and foster well-being for families from conception to 24 months.

The First 1000 Days Conference will be a highlight of 2023 Perinatal Mental Health Week!

More information on the Conference will be posted here as details come to hand.