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The Program

Tuesday 8th November


Welcome to Country

Official Opening

Ms Yvette Berry

Minister for Early Childhood Development

Robert Mills

Tresillian CEO

9.10 – 10.10am

Keynote Speaker

Dr Anna Huber


10.10am – 10.40am

Morning Tea

10.40am – 10.50am


Ms Rachel Stephen-Smith MLA

ACT Minister for Health

10.50am – 11.50am

The First 1000 Days - Panel

Nicole Deen

(Facilitator) Kasama Consulting

Ms Rachel Stephen-Smith MLA​

ACT Minister for Health

Professor Michael Brydon


Ms PJ Aguilar

Member of Child First Alliance & Executive Officer, Baringa Early Learning Centre

Lucinda Renfree

Perinatal Mental Health Manager

Melanie Briggs

Midwife & First Nations Woman  

Vanessa Bakker

Registered Nurse and Midwife

11.50am – 12.35pm

Our Children – Our Future: Shaping Services Responsive to the Diverse Needs of Families

Deborah Stockton

Director Clinical Service Integration – Tresillian

12.35pm – 1.30pm


1.30pm – 1.50pm

Introduction and welcome to afternoon session

Carley Thomas

Mental Health and Well-Being Unit Manager

Ms Emma Davidson MLA

ACT Minister for Mental Health

1.50pm – 2.50pm

Navigating the Legacy of Developmental Trauma during the Perinatal Period

Dr Sophie Reid

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Jace Canon-Brookes

Registered Nurse & Psychologist

2.50pm – 3.05pm

Movement break (Marymead)

3.05pm – 3.25pm

Afternoon Tea

3.25pm – 4.25pm

Fathering with mental health problems: Stories of recovery and Resilience from research and practice.

Dr Nick Kowalenko


4.25pm – 4.40pm

Closing Remarks

Dr Yvonne Luxford

CEO Perinatal Wellbeing Centre

4.40pm – 6.00pm

Networking Drinks